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Over $10 million in billed premiums and 4,000+ employees covered under our plans makes us one of the largest company benefits brokerages in Central Ontario.
retirement benefits
Since 2005, we have been one of 26 member firms of the Benefits Alliance, Canada’s leading national alliance of independent company benefits advisors. Benefits Alliance collectively administers over 8000 plans with $1.4 billion in employee benefits
Individual Benefits
We have a 98% client retention rate which means that when our clients engage us as their benefits provider, they do it for the long term. You have a business to run, so we simplify what’s complex about a customized group benefits plan, allowing you to recruit, retain and keep your employees motivated.

Our promise to you.

We are here for you anytime, not just at renewal time.

We are at your disposal and can solve issues quickly. That means if you have a problem with the administration of your plan or an issue with a claim, you will deal directly with one of us rather than with the call centre of your insurance provider. We will be always available and can provide a response within 48 hours of any inquiry in most cases. Our size and smaller market area means that we always maintain the personal one on one relationships with our local clients.

We won’t sell on price, but we will be price competitive.

Selling strictly on the lowest price is not a sustainable strategy if our goal is to be your valued company benefits provider long term. As a member of the Benefits Alliance, we will leverage the preferred arrangements we have with all the top insurance carriers to source the most competitively priced program for our clients and their employees. Our Preferred Partner Network of pharmacies can also access lower priced generic drugs with the lowest dispensing fees.

No surprises at renewal.

We will review your plan and claims experience with you each quarter, so you know where you stand. This proactive approach means we can identify any risks in your plan and provide suggestions for changes to your plan design well ahead of your renewal timing.
In-house actuarial experience allows us to quickly carry out in-depth analysis.

We work for you, not the insurance carrier.

We have no direct ties to any of our insurance carriers, so you know that we always advocate without bias on your behalf.

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