Anoymous Calow Benefits Testimonial
Calow Benefits is simply the best! When in need, they are quick to respond and always willing to help no matter the situation. The team is compassionate, insightful and understanding and help us help our employees obtain the greatest value for the best price. We can’t say enough about the incredible customer service and how they always exceed our expectations!
– Angela Gibson, Novanni Stainless Inc.
Anoymous Calow Benefits Testimonial
Our firm has had the good fortune and pleasure of association with Calow Benefits Group for the past 15 years. Regardless of size or complexity, Calow Benefits Group is attentive to issues that arise with customer support that will exceed your expectation.

It is without hesitation that we provide an excellent testimonial and reference for their service, knowledge and professionalism.
– Patrick Dubé, Greystone Project Management Inc.

Anoymous Calow Benefits Testimonial
Calow Benefits Group Inc. have been representing Maacon Construction for several years now. Doug and his very proficient staff have always been there to answer any questions we have had and have a very “hands on approach” to our account. It’s always a pleasure to work with them and would recommend Calow Benefits Group Inc. to anyone who is inquiring about Employee Benefits Plans or who has insurance needs.
– Diane Garner, Maacon Construction Corporation