Akira By Telus Health
  • We can provide on-demand virtual health care delivered to your employees 24/7 from an accredited healthcare professional
  • Video chat or encrypted text – your employees get access on their device within minutes
  • Avoid having your employees taking time off work for unnecessary trips to the clinic
  • Covers both the employee and their family members

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    Outsource your HR management at preferred rates through Calow Benefits
    • Employment Law, Health & Safety, WSIB, Recruiting, Performance Management, Union/Collective agreements
    • HR Compliance Review – we provide a company compliance assessment and can implement the required policies to have you fully compliant in 30 days. We monitor new federal and provincial legislative updates as they come on stream and alert you of any policy changes that are needed to be put in effect.
    • HR Expertise – you have unlimited access to our experts with over 100 years experience in the HR landscape to provide support and answer any questions.
    • Affordable Recruiting – we help you get the right employees with our talent sourcing resources and screening expertise without breaking the bank.